How to Get Rid of the Effects of Nicotine From Your Body

Everyone knows that smoking can and does kill you. The danger signs are everywhere. On cigarette packets, adverts, government health warnings and yet people still smoke cigarettes.

What people do not realize though is this. That it is not just the nicotine making you ill. It is all the chemicals and additives put in cigarettes, and these can stay in your body for a long-time.

Nicotine though is what makes you addicted to cigarettes. Let's face it. Nicotine is a powerful drug and like all drugs, effects you and places in your body long after you stop taking them. If you quit cigarettes tomorrow the effects take some time clear up.

How long do the effects of nicotine last?

This all depends on how long you have been smoking for. If you are an occasional smoker who only lights up once every few days the effects can start to clear up within weeks. If you are someone who smokes every day though the process is much longer, you have to clear all the tar and junk out of your body.

What can you do to help your body repair itself?

Eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water and start exercising. It is important you make these changes slowly. You can not go from puffing cigarettes to running a marathon the next day.

By eating a healthy diet and looking after yourself you are giving your body the vitamins and proteins to repair itself. Your skin, hair and body all suffer lots of damage from smoking cigarettes.

Start exercising. Working out, running, cycling, whatever it is. They all work to clean toxins from your body. Your skin also breathes the toxins out through the pores so any exercise is good at speeding up the process of recovering from smoking cigarettes.

How to Get Rid of the Effects of Nicotine From Your Body by Mark S Daniels

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