Zero Smoke – A Genuine Review

As more and more people all over the globe are trying to stop smoking, they are being barraged with contradictory information about the health hazards of smoking, the complexity of quitting, the incontestable social factors involved, and various other issues. As such, smoking cessation is fast becoming one of the most debated subjects today; And the search for newer and more effective stop-smoking-aids has turned into a deafening clamor.

A number of methods have been employed to identify the best treatment option to facilitate the process of quitting. However, to date, no definite technique has been discovered in spite of the appearance of various methods with questionable efficiency.

Acupuncture is a popular concept in smoking cessation, and its principles have been applied in different ways. In addition to actual acupuncture sessions, some methods that use acupuncture principles are cold laser therapy and, more recently, Zero Smoke magnets.

Like acupuncture, zero smoke magnets stimulate specific body points to stimulate endorphin production and influence the nerve centers that cause addiction. However, while the ancient practices of acupuncture have been successful for years, there is no sufficient evidence to support their modern adaptations. For this reason, in this Zero Smoke review, we will attempt to shed more light on this reliably unknown technique.

The primary difference between zero smoke and acupuncture is the stimulation points that they are targeting. While acupuncture stimulates several regions in the body – such as in the case of smoking cessation acupuncture where the ear, nose, and wrists are stimulated – the zero smoke system focuses on only one point on the ear.

Another distinction is that acupuncture uses needles, whereas Smoke Zero uses magnets. The ratione behind this is that magnets have the same stimulating effects of acupuncture problems when positioned opposite each other on both sides of the ear. It is believed that the polarity of the pair of magnets is a powerful stimulator for this particular area because ear tissues are not too thick.

Feedback about this product has been divided. There are those who complain that Smoke Zero is a complete rip off because the product charges numerous hidden and additional costs. On the other hand, there are those users who attest that the smoke zero system does work. Unfortunately, on the whole, the negative response to the product looks greater than the positive. Although the few successful cases can not be ignored, the failure rate should warn potential users to not expect too much.

In general, the lukewarm response to this type of quit smoking treatment is extremely discouraging. Because of this, we can not, in good conscience, recommend the smoke zero product for your use.

Zero Smoke – A Genuine Review by Amy Hudson

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