Trying Revive Superfoods Smoothies 9 days in a row!

Hii thank you for clicking on my channel! I’m Tally from the Valley and I like to try new food and review it. I know I said I would start posting videos every Friday but I wanted to post this one earlier before the holidays. In 2021 it is my goal to post consistently every Friday! 🙂

In this video I received 9 smoothies from Revive Superfoods. For 9 days in a row I taste tested each smoothie and rated them 1-5 Tallys. The 9 smoothie I tried are listed below:
1. Hint of Mint
2. Heart Beet
3. Pink Dragon
4. Matcha Maker
5. Blue Cacao
6. Morning Mocha
7. Açaí Twist
8. Strawberry Zen
9. Piñalada

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