Effective Stop Smoking Aids

So you have started to stop smoking. Now you are having trouble sleeping, concentrating, and you are craving just for a single puff of cigarette. You are experiencing what they call the cold turkey also known as withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms occur because your body has gotten used to the substance that you get from cigarettes which is nicotine. Your body is now looking for nicotine at the amount it has gotten used to. The more you have smoked, the higher your nicotine threshold is. Because your body does not produce nicotine, you need to take something with nicotine so you will not experience withdrawal symptoms. This is where quitting aids comes in.

Quitting aids of Stop Smoking Aids are those that can be used in the form of tablets, gums, patches, and drops among many others. They can come from either natural medicine of traditional medicine. Let us examine some of the Quitting aids.

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT. It claims to have successfully helped smokers quit. It works by releasing nicotine into the body so that the withdrawal can be reduced. When withdrawal symptoms are reduced, the more likely the smoker will be tempted or crave for a cigarette to make himself comfortable. However, if the quitter experiences irregular heart beat, severe nausea, vomiting, weakness, and dizziness, he should stop NRT and seek medical attention. The therapy comes in the form of a chewing gum wherein the nicotine is chewed for about 15 minutes and absorbed through the inside cheek. It is bitter tasting. The other form is in lozenges and this is used as an alternative if the smoker can not stand the chewing gum. And the last form of NRT are the nicotine patches. Patches are recommended if the quitter can not tolerate the gum or the lozenges. The nicotine goes through the skin and into the body.
  • Zyban or bupropion hydrochloride or otherwise known as amfebutamone hydrochloride. This is a medication used on a short term basis if the smoker is really committed to quitting. It comes in the form of tablets and it reduces desires and withdrawal symptoms. How it works is not fully understood other than it is believed to block chemicals in the brain to help you quit. However, a consult to the doctor is required before you can use this type of quitting aid because you may have an allergic reaction or drug interaction to the components of the medicine and other ongoing medications you are taking.
  • Nicocure Patch is one of the natural quit smoking aids. This patch contains herbs that may remove the withdrawal symptoms and can alter the taste of cigarettes into a single unsafe one at the same time detoxify the body from nicotine. It is practically the same as the NRT patches in terms of aims but the components of this patch is all but natural.
  • Stop Smoking Support Programs, the all natural way of quit smoking aid. It needs will, determination and the use of the Smoke Away System. This program can help the smoker quit in 7 days and help less nicotine withdrawal symptoms using in combination herbs, homeopathic support and audio support. There is no need to introduce alternative nicotine to the body.
  • NicoBloc is also a quitting aid which lessens the nicotine and tar that you inhale when you smoke the cigarette. It is a liquid dropped into the filter to trap the nicotine and tar but the taste of the cigarette is still the same. It claims to decrease nicotine dependence and withdrawal symptoms as the smoker quits smoking.

Stop Smoking aids or Quitting aids can be very helpful. However, these aids are not one-stop-solutions to quit smoking overnight. The will and determination of the smoker to quit is still highly regarded so that quitting can be successful. A consult to the doctor is also advisable before starting any of the quitting aids.

Effective Stop Smoking Aids by Dan Parker

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