Fresh Air Friends: The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Fresca frog, and her little brother, Fresco meet new friends as they learn about being Fresh Air Frogs. Along the way they discover that second-hand smoke is more than a stinky smell, it is dangerous to their health. With the guidance of the smart and clever fox, Dr. Gesundheit, the friends learn how to keep themselves safe from second-hand smoke. This story is a powerful, yet fun, tool for teachers and parents to introduce the topic of the dangers of second-hand smoke and to empower children with choices regarding breathing this dangerous and unhealthy smoke. Along with the activities and curriculum in the optional Education Pack, Fresh Air Friends can be used in schools as complete lesson plans for Red Ribbon Week and beyond or in the home as children enjoy the charming characters and full color illustrations while learning along the way.

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Source: Fresh Air Friends: The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

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