“Manners Maketh Man” – Men's Style Review of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle"

How do the menswear looks of the Kingsman agents stack up in this second installment of the film franchise? Here’s our take:

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→ Script: Preston Schlueter
→ Camera & Editing: Chris Dummer

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00:00 Introduction

As you may have guessed from the intro sequence, this video is the second in a series analyzing the style of the ongoing Kingsman film franchise. As we said in the first video, these films would seem at first glance to be right up the alley of a classic menswear enthusiast featuring things like black tie, sharp suits, and other menswear ensembles. And the cover for the kingsman organization is even a tailor shop on Savile row but what we’ll be examining today is how closely this second film in the series hues to the tenets of classic men’s style.

Let’s get into our review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle from 2017:

01:29 Eggsy
03:23 Harry Hart
04:14 Merlin
05:29 Charles
05:43 Angel
06:24 Poppy Adams
06:52 Roxy
07:16 Ginger Ale
07:44 King of Sweden
08:13 Swedish Guards
08:28 Tequila
09:20 Champagne
10:02 Whiskey
10:48 President of United States
11:24 Pruitt
11:35 Eggsy’s friends
11:52 Elton John

12:12 How would we characterize the style of the second film?
12:50 What about its overall watchability?

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