The Carnivore Diet w/ Shawn Baker, MD

Dr. Baker has been a huge inspiration to me and many others. In this chat we discuss the many controversial issues surrounding meat consumption, the environment and insights he’s learned from three years of a meat-only diet.

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05:09 We are in the infancy in microbiome science, so declaring if a diet is harmful is not accurate.
05:40 There is no fiber on a carnivorous diet.
06:16 Many people with ulcerative colitis, celiac, Crohn’s disease, IBS often get better on a carnivore diet and some have increased microbiome diversity.
07:17 A self-reported study of 90 days carnivore.
11:39 Low carb, keto and carnivore diets bring down triglycerides, bring up HDL, LDL may stay the same or go up or down, brings down inflammation markers, brings down insulin and stabilizes blood glucose.
12:52 Dr. Baker has been on a carnivore diet for 3 years.
15:07 Eat the best meat you can afford.
17:38 Our healthcare industry creates 10% of US greenhouse gasses, so sick people create more greenhouse gasses.
18:14 Cattle produce 1.9% of greenhouse gasses.
19:36 Calories from soy and corn are not as nourishing as what you can get from beef.
21:10 Carnosine is one of the most antiglycating nutrients. It has a critical role in brain health and can only be found in animal products.
22:00 Low levels of carnitine were found in a study of people with major depressive disorder.
23:40 There are ways to produce meat that benefit the environment, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.
27:15 Lab meat requires a continuous supply of fetal bovine serum.
29:42 Lab grown meat must be bathed in antibiotics.
33:40 Grazing animals are critical to restoring soil.
35:12 Many domestic animals have it better than they would in the wild.
39:05 In 1970 the US had about 130 million cattle. Now we have about 90 million.
40:24 Fat is an important energy source for carnivore dieters.
42:12 Humans have one of the lowest gastric pH in the animal kingdom, 1.5. We rank with hyena and vulture.
48:25 If you don’t eat fiber, you still have regular bowel movements.
50:11 It is not normal digestion to have intestinal pain, bloating or cramping.
52:37 In general, you should ignore headline health risk warnings unless they are in the 200% or more.
01:05:52 Dr. Baker’s elevator speech: We need to change the focus of our healthcare system from disease management. We need to transform our food and our prevention efforts.

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