Female Hormone Imbalance | Signs of Too Much Estrogen & Estrogen Dominance

Learn 30 signs that you have too much estrogen in your body. These signs of estrogen dominance are a leading cause of hormone imbalance for women. Both the causes and symptoms of estrogen dominance can be fixed. Learn how to balance your estrogen levels by downloading my free guide that details the steps you need to take to naturally create balance between your estrogen and progesterone levels.

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30 Common & UnCommon Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance
1. Weight Gain
2. Bloating – Swelling -Edema
3. Mammary Tissue Changes (cysts, fibrocystic density)
4. Irregular Periods
5. Heavy Periods
6. Anxiety
7.Panic Attacks
8. Depression
9. Low Libido
10. Headaches & Migraines
11. Hair los & thinning hair
12. Cold Hands & Cold Feet
13. Memory Loss & Brain Fog
14. Sleep imbalances
15. Fatigued
16. History of mammary /Ovarian Cancers
17. Mood Swings
18. Irritability
19. Vaginal Dryness
20 Vaginal Itchiness
21. Hot Flashes
22. Endometrial Tissue changes (fibroids)
23. Sluggish digestion -Constipation
24. PCOS &Ovarian cysts
25. Infertility
26. Severe Cramps
27. Thyroid Imbalance
28. Weak Nails
29. Gut Imbalances – IBS/SIBO
30. ACNE

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