Bleach your teeth naturally with a 100% natural ingredient | Natural Health

Bleach your teeth naturally with a 100% natural ingredient | Natural Health

Since it is a slightly aggressive ingredient, it is essential to dilute the vinegar in water to make mouthwashes and avoid side effects.

Most people try to keep their teeth white for a health issue but also a smile.

If keeping them all white is a very difficult task, many professional and home treatments have been designed to achieve this.

And although the results vary from one person to another, some were able to verify that it is possible to keep his teeth white and yellowish or eliminate unsightly stains.

But most methods cost money, and there are alternative remedies, more economic and natural.

This is the case of an ingredient that we often have at home. Its properties help to detach the teeth and gives them a healthier appearance.

It is not anything other than the prodigious apple vinegar, a food with many benefits for oral health.

Do you want to know why it is so effective?

Apple vinegar for whiter teeth.

This 100% organic ingredient is a traditional and known remedy in dental health.

It is made from the fermentation of ripe apples, a process during which it is transformed into an alkaline product.

It contains pectin, natural enzymes and minerals such as iron, calcium , potassium and magnesium, all necessary to maintain resistant teeth.

Although the majority of its benefits are related to internal health, it has been shown that it can also be used as a mouthwash.

Its acidic compounds, such as acetic acid, reduce the presence of germs and prevent infections such as gingivitis or caries, among others.

This substance also has a whitening action which , although it does not achieve the effects of professional dental whitening, is a good solution against stain formation due to food and scale……For more watch a video in detail.

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