Lose 5 lbs & 5 Inches in 5 Days!

SERIOUSLY! I LOST 8 lbs & 5″ IN 5 DAYS- Healthily.

It really doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

There are a lot of mixed messages out there when it comes to weight loss. From what I’ve witnessed, people usually give up on a program before they’ve seen any real results for one of two reasons:

1) They aren’t seeing noticeable results in the time they expected.

2) They don’t have the will power to see a program through to the end (usually because it seems to take too long and, truth is, we want something instant).

I am here to tell all of you who are so frustrated for one of those two reasons that there is a simple, doable and most importantly healthy way to lose 5-10 pounds in the shortest amount of time. And thankfully, it doesn’t entail the latest miracle pill, potion or lotion.

With most regimens we feel like we are completely cut off anything that makes us feel satisfied and we follow the steps but after a week, 10 days or what have you, we wonder what happened. I suppose you’re thinking, “Now what can I really have to eat? Am I going to feel like I’m starving? And is it really going to help me loose?” Well, I personally followed all the steps and had phenomenal success in only 5 days.

Here’s what to do… follow a very simple eating regimen that will start showing you noticeable result in just 2-3 days. After you stick with it for that long, you will be so motivated to see it through… 5 whole days. The best part is that it can change the way you look at food forever and you will WANT to choose healthy foods that make you feel fantastic, improve mental clarity and help you keep building lean muscle mass. Not to mention, your metabolism will speed up simply because your body has to burn more energy just to digest the foods you eat. AWESOME!

Too good to be true? Well, it really isn’t.

I was very skeptical because a few years ago I learned how important protein really is to my diet and once I started implementing it on a regular basis while lifting weights, my muscle mass improved greatly. Yes, I do mean lean muscle. But honestly, I was working out pretty hard back then too. So, fast forward a few years x 3… had a child, a demanding career and life was busy… I noticed there was a little bit added on here and there (my hips, thighs and middle). Well, last year when seasons changed (summer to fall) and it was time to get back into my pants (I guess shorts are a little more forgiving) and they were all too tight! You know- can’t sit down without taking your breath away because it feels like someone just shoved a table edge right into your middle. I was devastated! I couldn’t go buy a new wardrobe.

Although I was desperate for a quick fix, it was more important that I could incorporate the way I lost the weight into a new diet lifestyle. So, I took all my body measurements- bust, waist, hips and thighs even calves and upper arm. Immediately, I started following the plan and I was amazed when in 2 days my pants were comfortably looser. “OK, that’s a good start, I’m sure it will level off at this point.”

After the 5 days I lost 5 Gigantic inches, 8 pounds, had ab muscles again, felt toned and of course- pants fit ‘FINE’! HOLY SMOKES! I was so amazed and felt like I wanted to tell everyone.

Okay, so you’re asking, “What kind of workout did you do to get there?”

I do love how exercise makes me feel. I think I walk/ran 2 miles on two different occasions and did a few sit-ups and lifted weights maybe once. The program actually recommends that you don’t work out extensively because it’s easy to feel a light headed. And I’ll admit I didn’t feel like I had solid foods I was used to but at the same time, I felt awesome.

So you want to know how you can do it too?

Follow a super simple system that includes: 3 meal replacement shakes, 1 serving of fruit, 1 great big serving of veges (salad with all the veges you like and vinaigrette or balsamic dressing or stir fry veges in olive oil and garlic or a yam with spray butter and salt and pepper), 3- either fiber bars (fiber one) or balance or zone bars (something similar). Drink lots of water. Do a light 20 minute workout or walk daily.

Some Hints…

Eat often, about every three hours even if you aren’t hungry. Yes, the shake is considered eating.

Make sure you start the program when you can implement and plan your meals. They are very simple, but don’t do it say when you are traveling out of town.

When you’re done, don’t stop. Making this change to your diet for only 5-7 days is simple. Although, after that time it should be very simple to stick to your new diet (Because of How YOU LOOK and How YOU FEEL) don’t stop there. Keep making proactive approaches to your health.

I really hope this helps you reach your fitness goals or gets you motivated to keep moving one step closer and closer to achieving your healthy body.

Check out the resource box for a link to the entire regimen.

Lose 5 lbs & 5 Inches in 5 Days! by Chantel Clark

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