The Building Muscle For Skinny Guys Guide – It Is Possible!

Building muscle for skinny guys does not have to be the hardest thing in the world. A lot of “hard-gainers” let themselves believe that their genes will never let them gain muscle and give up on body building. This is extremely unfortunate. Because building muscle for skinny guys is not impossible. It just has to be done the right way. This article discusses why hard-gainers need to go that extra mile and then lays out the A-Z of hard-gainer body building.

Firstly, we need to understand that your genes do indeed have an impact on your ability to put on muscle. Some people have a natural affinity to stack on muscle, even if they eat junk and throw around some weights randomly, while others have to work much harder for a fraction of the results. This should not be cause for giving up however. It should be a reason to motivate yourself further.

Trust me on this. I was one of those guys who wore baggy clothes ALL THE TIME, and hated looking at the scale. I was the skinniest among my friends and relatives, and I just hated it. All I wanted was a couple pounds of muscle. I didn’t even care if I got fat.

Let’s start right now by telling yourself “BUILDING MUSCLE FOR SKINNY GUYS IS 100% ACHIEVABLE”

Now, if you believe that, the rest of this article is contains what you need to know to start DOING IT.

Building muscle for skinny guys requires EATING LIKE A MANIAC. Eating like a maniac entails 2 things. Great quality food, and huge quantity. This does not have to be expensive. You can get a diet that satisfies these criteria without breaking into a bank.

Building muscle for skinny guys requires huge amounts of energy and because of that your caloric intake has to be through the roof. It also requires a large amount of protein in your diet because those are your muscle building blocks. Good carbohydrates will make up the majority of your calories and good oils will be important to keep your testosterone levels nice and high. Drink plenty of water too. The difference this makes is UNBELIEVABLE.

Building muscle for skinny guys tip #2: You need lots of rest. Your body needs a lot of time to heal and repair the damage you cause in the gym. By damage, I mean muscle fiber tear which is essential for getting BIG. So some good quality sleep and some power naps will go along way. Breaking rest and late nights out partying and drinking DO NOT HELP.

Tip #3 in the building muscle for skinny guys guide is, work out HARD and SMART. Now by hard, I mean that you should always push yourself in the gym. Every rep, except your warm ups should challenge you, and your final few reps of each set must take you to your limit. Make sure you switch up your routines regularly by changing weights, rep and set ranges as well as exercises so that you don’t plateau.

And a huge mistake that a lot of hard-gainers make is overworking. Spending too much time in the gym IS BAD. Make your work outs short, less than 90 minutes, try to work out no more than 3-4 days a week, and targeting each muscle once a week is a good rule of thumb, unless of course you’re doing full body workouts which are great too.

So that is all you need to know in the building muscle for skinny guys guide. It is not easy for hard-gainers to pack on muscle fast, but it is not impossible. Building muscle for skinny guys simply requires you to




and you will be gaining muscle in no time.

I have tried all of this out and I saw my own body transform before my eyes. I love taking my shirt off now, and I love it when my friends recall what I used to be and how much my body and even my mentality have changed now.

The Building Muscle For Skinny Guys Guide – It Is Possible! by Daniel Ferdinands

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