Vitamins B9, B12, C, and Bioflavonoids

Vitamin memory aids with silly little hand gestures included.

If the vitamin charts seem daunting, here are all of my silly memory aids for water-soluble vitamins for Part 1 boards. This video is the rest of the Vitamins B9, B12, C, and Bioflavonoids. Have your boards review book in front of you for a visual aid, and follow along with all the little ridiculous hand gestures–you’ll always have your hands with you while you’re sitting for boards …unless you don’t have hands…

There will probably be a lot of questions on vitamins on boards, so it’s worth getting a good hold on, use whatever works best for you. Comment here with your additions and own ways of remembering.

Good luck!!

Source: Vitamins B9, B12, C, and Bioflavonoids

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