Eminence Herbal Spot Serum, 1 Ounce

Eminence Organics Herbal Spot Serum(1 oz./30 ml)Benefits For seborreic, oily, acne and blemished skin types This serum is a high potency acne gel designed to calm and soothe irritations and inflammations due to acne This light gel assists in the healing and repairing of the epidermis Augments the skin’s natural defensive processes and desensitizes irritated or sensitive areas of the skin It nourishes and regenerates the epidermis with all natural ingredients such as rosehip, willow bark, and pectin Features Horsetail and anise reduce swelling and calm inflammation Walnut Leaves have been added to act as an astringent to tighten poresEminence Organics is a highly effective, entirely organic skin care line. With all naturally organic ingredients these hand-made products are effective and extremely healing. Rich in vitamins, active ingredients and nutrients, Eminence products will give you immediate results that you will see and feel.It nourishes and regenerates the epidermis
tightens pores
reduces fine wrinkles

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Source: Eminence Herbal Spot Serum, 1 Ounce

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