Topical Vitamin C Serum – DIY

How to make Topical Vitamin C Serum with l-ascorbic acid powder. Suggestions by Kleem Organics DIY vitamin c serum recipe. For best skin care results:

How to have a glowing skin has always been a desire of any woman and probably man too. The way how to take care of skin is a means to express the beautiful you!

This homemade topical vitamin C serum recipe with l-ascorbic acid powder, which is at the end a buffered vitamin c powder, will remove sun spots on face, will provide skin tissue regeneration and an optimum skin tightening facial. This is also one of the best acne treatments too, thanks to the antioxidant benefits for skin given by the pure vitamin c powder.

This topical vitamin C serum DIY has been studied as one of the best homemade beauty tips for glowing skin given by Kleem Organics, one of the skin care brands dedicated exclusively to natural anti-aging products.

This topical vitamin C serum for face is a potent sun spot remover and age spot remuver. It acts as a skin tightening lotion that protects the skin from the harmful UV rays, thanks to the natural vitamin c powder derived from Camu Camu.

Other Vitamin C Serum benefits:

• Increase collaged production in the skin, that helps diminishes fine lines & wrinkles
• Brighten and tighten the skin, restoring a glowing & radiant look
• Reduce the effects of negative sun exposure, creating a barrier to damaging sun rays
• Help skin repair itself, enhancing skin cell growth & replacing old worn cells
• Reduces pore size of oily acne-prone skin & anti-bacterial protection

Anti Aging products like vitamin C E feluric serum are the best solution for skin health as they work wonders as face rejuvenation treatment.
When you apply vitamin C serum for face, together with vitamin E feluric acid, the results are amazing. This combination boosts your natural skin collagen production levels so that your wrinkles start disappearing, making it also the best anti aging serum.

The combination of vitamin c e feluric serum enriched with Hyaluronic Acid gives its best on the skin. That’s why Kleem Organics uses these ingredients for the maximum efficacy.


Kleem Organics really knows how to take care of skin. 20 vitamin c serum, is the optimal percentage to maximise the antioxidant benefits that stimulate the skin regeneration process and used to ensure their clients fresh beauty products. Kleem Organics has developed a stable form of Vitamin C, Stay C-50®, which is completely organic. Furthermore, Kleem Organics is aware that the best vitamin c serums should never be directly exposed to the air, so they have developed an airless and matte bottle that fulfils these two requirements.

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