Usana – Usananimals – Healthy Nutrition For Growing Children

Marketed by the No.1 nutritional supplements provider, Usana Health Sciences, Usanimals are specially designed nutritional supplements for children. They consist of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for growing children in the age group of 13 months to 12 years. During this period, children require optimal nutrition to support their development.

Most of the skills required in adulthood are learnt during the first 12 years. This includes simple activities like walking and running and complex ones like playing a sport or a musical instrument. The child also learns to speak, read, write and communicate with gestures. All this is a result of an increased coordination of brain and body.

Young children display a tremendous amount of energy. They can play and jump around through the day without any sign of tiredness. Obviously, children in this age range of 1-12 years need a lot more energy as compared to an adult of 20-25 years. Along with energy, they also need a vital supply of nutrients.

However, it is a shocking fact that nutritional needs of children across the world are not met. In underdeveloped countries, many children suffer from malnourishment. They are inflicted with physical and mental health complications caused by insufficient diet. The situation is no better in developed countries, where children are brought up on inferior diet like pizza, burgers and french fries. Experts say that it is important for growing children’s diet to include minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc along with vitamins like B6, which are easily available in fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Usanimals are mineral, anti-oxidant and vitamin supplements. Growing children need a daily replenishment of Vitamin C and E and Usananimals packs a considerable amount in its formulation. They are a part of the Usana Essentials family of supplements and specifically address the needs of the ‘below 12 year olds’.

Usanimals come in the form of easy-to-eat chewable tablets with a wild berry flavor. The flavor is due to the presence of blended fruit powders of raspberry, cranberry, blackberry and wild blueberry. Children find this flavor quite tasty. They also love the funny animal shapes of the tablets. Parents prefer Usanimals because they do not contain sugar but only a natural sweetener.

Usanimals is the only product that offers a wide array of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, tuned to the needs of active, growing kids. Based on advanced research in nutrition and prepared with the highest pharmaceutical quality, they have proven to be a safe and effective nutrition support system for young children.

Usana – Usananimals – Healthy Nutrition For Growing Children by Angela S Giles

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