Health And Medicinal Benefits Of Vitamin A


Most of us suffer from this common skin trouble – Acne.Include fresh carrots, apricots and apples in your diet to get rid of acne. Vitamin-A helps in reducing acne issues, especially amongst people suffering from moderate to severe acne problems, as it cuts down excess sebum production in the skin. The use of Vitamin A for acne is quite effective.


Vitamin A contains huge quantities of beta carotene and retinol, a powerful antioxidant, which is known to fight the free radicals in your skin. Thus regular intake of vitamin A reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and pigmentation.

Skin Disorders

Studies have shown that vitamin A helps in healing severe acne, warts, sun damage and rosacea. You can either take it orally or in the form of topical preparation to reap maximum benefits.

Reduce Stretch Marks

Vitamin A help in the regeneration of the new skin cells by replacing the dead cells. The new cells lead to the formation of healthy and smooth skin, which would eventually reduce stretch marks.

Healthy Scalp

Vitamin A helps to produce the right amount of sebum in the scalp, which prevents the scalp and the hair from drying. The antioxidants in vitamin A regulate the oil secretion and thus lead to a healthy scalp.

Reduces Dryness

Vitamin A repairs dry and damaged hair due to its reconstructive and regenerative properties.It makes the hait soft and smooth. Our conditioners contain vitamin A and E derivatives in them.

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Source: Health And Medicinal Benefits Of Vitamin A

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