Vitamin K2 & Heart Health

-1 out of every 2 Americans die of heart disease today.
-Over 600,000 people die per year from heart disease (not including strokes).
-Over 1 million people die per year from cardiovascular illnesses (heart disease and strokes).

Types of Vitamin K:
-Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables.
-Vitamin K2 is found in fermented dairy products.

Studies on Vitamin K2:
-The Rotterdam study found that consuming 40 mcg of Vitamin K2 daily, reduced one’s chance of heart disease and stroke by 50%.
-Another study, performed on over 16,000 people, found that for every 10 mcg of Vitamin K2 consumed, one’s chance of acquiring cardiovascular disease dropped by 9% for every 10 oz.

Sources of Vitamin K2:
-Vitamin K2 is best absorbed through real food sources, rather than supplementation.
-Grass-fed raw cheese and fermented cultured dairy beverages, like kefir, goat milk, and Amasai, are the best dietary sources of Vitamin K2.
-Aim for consuming 40 mcg of Vitamin K2 daily, which equates to about 4 oz. of raw dairy for optimal heart health.

Benefits of Vitamin K2:
-Vitamin K2 promotes bone and heart health more effectively than Vitamin K1.
-Raw, unpasteurized dairy is more nutritious than processed dairy.
-Raw cheese is also a great source of protein and healthy fats.

Snack Ideas:
-Consume raw cheese with:
flax seed crackers
apple slices
almond butter

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Source: Vitamin K2 & Heart Health

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