GETTING BACK ON TRACK | green smoothie, abs & healthy food

hey guys! in this video I am making my new fav protein smoothie (it’s a green smoothie recipe and I usually am not a fan of green smoothies but this one is tastyyyy! just don’t forget to add ice like I did lol) because I felt like I was getting sick so needed all the vitamins etc. I could get aaaand it’s now 2 days later and I can confirm that I didn’t get sick. is it because of the smoothie? we’ll never know. I am also talking about getting back on track and showing you an at-home abs workout! you can follow along with this one and you don’t need ANY equipment. so you know what that means.. NO EXCUSES! lol. thanks so much for watching this videooo, hope you are doing amazing and happy 2020!! also, if you made it this far .. let’s be friends on insta @gainsbybrains


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