Silica Takes Care of Our Central Nervous System

Over the past few years, silica has grown to be one of the most valuable minerals for the human body. With its therapeutic properties and age-reversing qualities, this mineral has grown to be more and more appreciated by both common people and scientists. Health specialists and researchers all over the world are developing a major interest in silica because there are so many helpful things to know about it. One of the breakthrough discoveries is related to Alzheimer’s disease and the fascinating way through which silica takes a place to fight it. Furthermore, silica has been proven to protect and help with the mineralization of bone tissues, and also to be a fearful enemy of all the insufficiencies and illnesses located in the bones. And still… this is not all about silica since increasingly numbers of people use to manage the aging symptoms.

Let us first discuss the amazing effects of silica in the bone tissues. Besides being located in gem stones, earth and rocks, silica is also available by natural means, in our bodies. It is extremely needed for bone mineralization and development. Of course, the body of a youngster contains much more silica than a senior’s one. When we come into this word, we have higher amounts of silica than calcium, in our cells. As we grow old, the calcium levels start to increase and the silica to drop. We need to compensate the silica accumulation because without it, the essential nutrients such as magnesium, iron, boron and calcium will no longer be absorbed by our bodies. Silica boosts the strength and durability of our bones since it conducts the entire process of calcification (the bones being re-brought to their initial thickness). Not enough amounts of silica in our body leads to countless deficiencies in other nutrients and minerals. You can easily determine that you are suffering from a silica deficiency if your calcium levels are very low, for example.

Now, let’s discuss the connection between silica and protection against Alzheimer’s disease. We know Alzheimer is a dreadful condition that influences mostly the senior population. It has been confirmed that the main cause of such condition is related to the increased quantities of aluminum inside the central nervous systems of the sufferers. Silica is the only element capable of eliminating these aluminum remains. In conclusion, a silica supplementation is extremely needed when protecting against nervous illnesses such as Alzheimer.

The diet programs most of us work with might be a natural way of obtaining enough silica in our bodies. Also, you can always choose to go with natural supplements to make sure you fill the system with enough amounts of silica. Supplementation, in fact, might be the one and only way to make totally sure you are getting enough of this mineral in your bloodstream. Be careful on which health supplements you decide and try to go only with what’s natural, not chemical based. Nature has its ways of taking care of us and we should trust this for it has never let us down!

Silica Takes Care of Our Central Nervous System by Troy A Shanks

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