Abs Workout – Bodybuilding Competition 6 weeks out

Watch to see how I got back on track after a no progress week! I lost weight and fat while maintaining most of my muscle. Watch to see a variety of AB exercises that I’m doing to try to chisel up my abs. This is an area I’ve neglected for years since diet is key to abs.

I had a no progress week because I miscalculated my calories and overate on cottage cheese! Broken sleep also affected my rest, recovery, and energy for my workouts and low intensity cardio.

Coach says my glutes are harder but my legs are very big and need to get harder and cuts in them.

Last week’s strategy:

I dropped my calories to an average of 1600 cals/day with varying amounts of carbs and healthy fats depending on my workout for the day. Intermittent fasting should also be helping with the fat loss while maintaining muscle!

For more on my diet strategy, click here: http://youtu.be/HM-xC3-E4og

In an ideal world, weight training and cardio should be separate to maximize gains. However, fasted cardio in the AM is also best for fat loss in lean gym goers. My cardio strategy was to split up my session to maximize weight training muscle gains and minimize catabolism.

I did 30 mins of fasted AM cardio post workout and then had to come back at night to do a 2nd session of cardio. Double sessions suck!

ABS (Start time 3:17)
See a before/after photo of my abs after 4 weeks. They still need a lot of work. To get abs:

1) Genetics play a role
2) KEY is what you eat! Yes, abs are made in the kitchen!
3) Heavy weighted ab work helps show the deep cuts after you diet down to lose the body fat covering them

Ab exercises shown: (lower abs, upper abs, and core)

1) Upside down vertical crunches hanging from my feet!

This was a suggestion from TV Personality/Fitness Expert, Mister Abs – Levi James. His belief is INTENSITY and VARIETY are key to getting great abs!

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2) Cable crunches Bicycles & V-ups

3) One Arm Cable Toe Touch

4) One Leg Knee Tuck on Stability Ball & Pikes

5) Side Planks on Stability Ball

6) Handstands on Wall

7) Hanging Windshield Wipers

8) Toes to Bar (Popular CrossFit Ab exercise)

9) Bent Over Cable Crunches

10) Giant Ab Set

– Modified Rockies
– Weighted Bench V-ups
– Toes to Ceiling
– Bicycles

This should give you some ideas for ab exercises for your next workout!

Next WED: ARMS and Weekly progress update

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