10 YOUNG MEN'S Style Tips to Look COOLER Than Other Guys!

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Alpha wants to look cool — do you? If you’re interested, then this video will elevate your coolness! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , Ollie, and ENEMY is going over young men’s style tips to look cool.
{Top Ten} Tips to Look Super COOL

1. Looking cool and being stylish is effortless — don’t over-complicate style.
2. Wear cool jeans — slim fit, tailored and tapered leg, not overly distressed / torn, not baggy, not too long
3. Wear cool shirts — simple black or white pocket tee + white or black 3-button Henley + simple white oxford with rolled sleeves
4. Rock a badass watch — automatically makes you cooler
5. Wear cooler shoes — for the warmer weather: white minimal sneaker (can be worn with jeans and chinos); for the cooler weather: chukka and suede Chelsea boots
6. Learn to layer — simple tee + jeans + cardigan or light-weight hoodie + sneaks
7. Get a light-weight bomber — canvas, nylon, or leather
8. Do more with less money — hit the discount rack first; shop thrift stores, 2nd hand shops, and consignment shops
9. Don’t buy items that everybody notices when you’re wearing them — invest in under-the-radar cool items
10. Accessorize — beaded bracelets, full metal cuffs, rings, shades

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