Sexual Positions For Erectile Dysfunction – Effective Ways to Handle an Erection Problem

Particular sexual positions have been found to give more control to those males who are victim of erectile dysfunction. But make no mistake there is no general rule for this, sometimes a position may be exciting for many but you might feel more comfortable in that position when it comes to controlling your erection or vice versa. Medically it is estimated that position which will require lesser muscle movements and lesser rigorous physical effort shall help in maintaining the blood in the genitals as compared to those which may need or push a male to use his big muscles a lot and require acrobatics. Even then, while making love desire, intimacy and understanding likes and dislikes of your partner hold more important place than sexual positions.

Relax yourself mentally and physically before getting into the act, if one is psychologically distressed thinking about his previous episodes of failure nothing in this world can help him. Think that you are fit and can do it as good as anyone else rather than thinking what went wrong last time. Lovemaking is not all about reproductive organs but it is about whole body. Pamper and excite your partner by kisses, hugs, caresses, kneading and saying sweet words in her ears, this will draw her completely into the act and will help you in taking her to the climax before you reach yours.

Woman on top position has been practiced by many males who tend to lose their erection during lovemaking. In this position you can relax in a comfortable position after penetration and it will be your partner making the movements. In this position male is able to excite his partner and also enjoy and maintain his own excitement. This will eventually help in keeping you involved in the act mentally and helping you to maintain your erection.

Face to face position also helps in countering weak or tendency to lose erection during lovemaking act. Many couples find this sexual position effective in handling erectile dysfunction. Male in a sitting position takes his partner in his lap while woman is facing him and once penetration is complete male can help her so that she can put her legs round his waist. This position allows male to penetrate his partner more deep and also incase he starts losing erection during the act the movements are so mild and female partner is in complete control to ensure that male organ does not come out to spoil the fun. If you have made your partner aware of your problem then in this position she can ensure that your excitement remains intact to maintain the level of blood in your genitals. Make sure that you do not sit on a hard floor while trying this position.

Approaching woman from behind while she is lying sideways and penetrating her by bending her upper leg is also an effective sexual position for erectile dysfunction. This is also a position which will not require big movements and also it gives pleasure to both the partners to maintain the levels of excitement. Apart from this, it is easy for the male to maintain his penetration even if his stiffness is diminishing.

Sexual Positions For Erectile Dysfunction – Effective Ways to Handle an Erection Problem by Dr Andrew Napier

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