Running and Nutrition – Pistachios – The Perfect Snack For Runners!

Runners are always looking at what they are eating and trying to find foods that are good for them – but also taste good. In my opinion, I’m not going to eat something that I know is good for me if it tastes horrible! And, I don’t think I’m alone. Runners also like to snack. So, we need a snack that is good for us, tastes good and will help with muscle recovery.

Pistachios are the wonder snack that fits runner’s criteria! Now, I’ve always loved pistachios – I can remember my Dad and I eating them by the handfuls. But, I just recently found how good they are for me as a runner.

Nutrition wise – pistachios are full of seven essential nutrients that we all need. These are thiamin, vitamin B6, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. They are a great source of fiber and have antioxidants in them that are good for eye health. And, as a side note – there is only 3 calories in each one!

Another great thing about eating these little wonder nuts is that they can help with your cholesterol levels. Eating them can lower your bad cholesterol while building up your good cholesterol.

Now, to the part where pistachios are good for runners. Pistachios are full of protein. Protein is what runners need to help build their muscles for long distance running. In addition, they are great for an after run snack. There have been studies done that show that eating foods high in protein (such as pistachios) after a long run or hard workout will help to reduce muscle soreness and help to rebuild your muscles for a quicker recovery.

Eating pistachios are also great as they fill you up faster and help you to feel fuller longer. That’s due to the high fiber content in them. So, if you are also trying to lose a pound or two – this will help. Also, buy pistachios that are still in the shell. Seeing the shells piling up will also psychologically keep you from over eating them.

As I stated before, I love pistachios and have been eating (and enjoying them) for years! I’m just happy to now know that they are a great snack for me as a runner!

Running and Nutrition – Pistachios – The Perfect Snack For Runners! by Judy Mick

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