Learn Which 8 Compounds Must Be Included in Your Prostate Supplements.

http://www.healthmd.com/prostate-md.htm Here are 8 readily available, natural compounds that can bring you fast relief from the nagging problems of an aging, swollen prostate.

Saw Palmetto: an extract of a low-growing berry, it helps increase testosterone level. Scientific studies in Europe attest that it also helps protect against urinary and prostate infections. Men taking saw palmetto were twice as likely to report improvements as those taking a placebo.

Lycopene: an extraordinary antioxidant that is proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and related problems. It is a nutrient derived from tomatoes and has been shown in extensive research to not only significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but at the same time reduce the risk of heart attack and cancers in other organs.highest value

Pygeum Africanum: a bark extract commonly used for relief from prostate problems in Africa and Europe, deals especially well with inflammation and swelling of the prostate. Pygeum has been found to block the entry of cholesterol into the prostate and can reduce existing inflammation as well as prevent new inflammation from starting.

Zinc: has been shown to resist a hormonal action that can cause swelling of the prostate. Studies confirm that, because zinc inhibits the enzyme that causes prostate enlargement, it is vital for maintaining a healthy prostate. Zinc is an essential trace element, but most zinc in our daily diet is lost through processing or cooking. Vitamin

B6 (Pyridoxine): is a water-soluble vitamin that is present in many enzymes related to protein metabolism. Along with zinc, vitamin B6 regulates the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Vitamin B6, also along with zinc, helps the body resist hormonal action that can cause swelling of the prostate.

Vitamin E (tocopherol): is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants. It helps reduce tumor growth and is a vital supplement in maintaining good cardio-vascular health. It helps the body’s immune system fight off disease, as well as protect against certain cancers. It mainly acts as an antioxidant of lipids, protecting cell membranes and preventing damage to membrane-associated enzymes.

Garlic: helps reduce serum cholesterol and helps strengthen the immune system. It has been used since the days of the Egyptians to treat wounds and infections and lowers cholesterol. Garlic’s sulfur compounds are potent antioxidants which protect cell membranes and DNA from damage. Scientific studies have also shown that garlic stimulates the production of the liver’s own detoxifying enzymes which neutralize carcinogens and other toxins.

Bee Pollen: has been called an anti-aging agent. It is one of the richest nutritional sources in nature. In addition to the boost it gives the immune system, bee pollen is helpful in reducing discomfort from an enlarged prostate. It provides the body with nutritional elements that encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Ensuring these ingredients are included in your vitamin supplements, will ensure a healthy prostate.

Among the uniquely beneficial products we have made available are powerful natural supplements. Ensure a healthy prostate by using our prostate nutritional supplements under the direction of Raymond D. Mutter, M.D.

Source: Learn Which 8 Compounds Must Be Included in Your Prostate Supplements.

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