Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements I use in Pregnancy

My pregnancy book:
Sample meal plan for the Carnivore Diet (free!- nutrient dense recipes that are easy to make even if you’re not carnivore):

đŸ¤°Prenatal vitamins I take/multivitamins I take
1:40 Garden of Life Prenatal:
Folic acid video:
2:46 Just methylated folate and B12 for days that prenatals weren’t going down:
Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin: Not available at this time
4:39 Seeking Health Multivitamin with Iron:
MTHFR Gene mutation that I keep talking about:

Used through whole pregnancy:
5:45 D3/K2 :
Cod liver: Cod livers once a week, 1 teaspoon of oil a day
Liver Pate Recipe:
9:00 Axio (energy drink, decaf):
Epsom Salt:

Pregnancy articles on my blog:
Why to avoid folic acid:

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