Natural Remedies for a Viral Infection That Impacts Your Respiratory System

If you are concerned about how to treat and manage the symptoms of a severe viral infection of the respiratory systems this video is a MSUT watch. Dr. Melissa shares tips for if and when you might catch the virus……. ways to offset the milder cold and flu like symptoms of the virus. Because a virus can impact your respiratory system, your breathing, cough, congestion, fever and sinus pressure and mucous build up these natural therapies can be helpful in combating and treating your viral symptoms.

How to Reduce Virus Symptoms Naturally:
Astragalus Liquid Herbal
(1oz bottle is currently avail)
Lymph Stim:
Super Lysine
NUUN tabs:
Viral Immune Stimulator
Gaia Immune:

Umcka Packets:
Umcka Tabs
Sambucca tabs:

umcka Sinus:
Sinus Calm:
Level 4 Herbal Chest Balm:

Zarbees Sinus Respirator Chew tabs :

Nasal Saline Spray:
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Traditional Medicinal Seasonal Sampler:

Guru Nanda Blend:
Guru Nanda Breathe Easy:
Gurunanada plug in diffuser
Aromatherapy Jewelry
Himalayan nasal inhaler:

Host Defense:
MycoShield Spray:
Respiratory Support:

REM Sleep Gel Supplement:

HOME Care:
EPA Approved Cleaning Agent (Natural) Force of Nature:
USB Aromatherapy Diffusers
Office/Desk Aromatherapy Diffusers
UV Air Filters

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