Longevity, Senescence, Autophagy, mTOR Inhibition + More w/ Jeff Grimm

Jeff discusses science-based ways to get rid of these senescent (old) cells—which may help both longevity and immunity.

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

05:07 Sauna research indicates that when your heartrate is about 140, you are in the right temperature for cardiovascular benefit and releasing heat shock proteins.
08:19 With age comes senescent cell accumulation; cells that do not perform their essential functions, do not self-destruct and effect surrounding cells.
09:06 If you can get rid of senescent cells in your body, you get a 10 or 20% life extension.
10:50 A senescent cell intervention study caused most senescent cells to go away.
15:30 Autophagy has a senolytic effect.
16:32 If there is low autophagy activation in the body, lifespan is shorter.
19:10 DNA expresses itself differently when autophagy is upregulated.
20:30 Stem cell activation increases in the refeeding stage after a fasted state.
22:15 In mice, it takes at least a 2-day water fast to induce autophagy.
26:30 If there are a lot of nutrients in the environment, cells grow and procreate. In cancer, this is not a good thing.
27:10 If there are no nutrients in the environment, cells get good at recycling/scavenging and hunkers down to protect its DNA so it cannot break.
28:44 The antioxidant theory of ageing has been debunked.
30:33 A constant feeding state stimulates cancer growth through upregulation of growth hormone IGF1 and insulin.
33:36 Testing can show where patients are on the longevity path.
36:24 Overconsuming protein by over 20 to 30% in your diet, you get increased IGF-1.
37:39 A good IGF-1 level, based on Blue Zone cultures, is around 150 for mid-life.
42:14 If you restrict methionine in mice, they live longer.
46:05 AMPK can be activated through Metformin, berberine or the Chinese herb jiaogulan.
48:02 Rapamycin works well to suppress TOR in animal models.
51:22 NAD is the rocket fuel needed for sirtuins to do their job to protect DNA. Fasting increases NAD.
56:17 We don’t know if taking NAD increases lifespan or if it lowers cardio-metabolic risk.
01:00:35 Your DNA gets methylated as you age. When DNA is methylated, certain sections of DNA code are turned off and your cell does not do what it is supposed to do.
01:02:50 CPG sections of DNA are highly correlated with the ageing process, if they are methylated. It is a better marker for ageing than telomeres.
01:03:59 When your DNA at the CPG sites is methylated, it is irrevocable.
01:04:40 Ageing tests, from Elysium and myDNAge examine CPG sites.
01:08:35 The DNA clock was reversed by 2 ½ years.
01:13:07 Paradoxically, studies show that increases in growth hormone leads to longevity benefits, yet high growth hormone is disaster from a longevity standpoint.
01:17:40 DHEA for men is probably safe with a recommended dosage of 25 to 50 ml. DHEA has a positive effect upon the immune system and helps with certain markers of cardiovascular function in men.
01:21:37 Low levels of DHEA increase your risk of all cause mortality.
01:23:12 Fasting mimicking, to a higher extent than fasting, increases mucosal stem cell activity.

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