Discrediting 2 myths from the plant-based agenda #meatheals

The plant-based agenda is full of emotional arguments that sound logical, but really aren’t. Driving just outside of city limits today got me thinking about a few:
1. Myth: The cows are taking up all our room for growing plants that humans eat. Fact: Cows grow really well on land that is unfarmable, like the land shown here that has snow on it off and on from Sept-June. Their food grows really well here too naturally without invasive farming practices. – see point #2.
2. Myth: It takes 12 calories of plant food to make 1 calorie of beef. Fact: That might be true, but the cows are eating all sorts of food that humans can’t digest.
3. Myth: Giving up meat is the best thing you can do for the environment. Fact: A smaller house, less driving, and less consuming factory-made products are the best things you can do for the environment. Look at the difference of the environmental impact the gravel pit has vs the cows that are just up the road!

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