LIVE: SINGLE BEST Immune Boosting Supplement – How To Improve Your Immunity

Join Dr. Melissa Gallagher, a Naturopathic Physician for a LIVE Chat about how to boost your immune system. learn about a KEY mineral that aids in supporting your entire immune health.

Dr. Melissaʼs Fave Magnesium Supplements
Magnesium Glycinate Tabs (Pure Encapsulations): Mas SRT (Jigsaw Health) Magnesium Buffered Chelate (Designs for Health)
Powders: Dr Mag Orange MagSoothe Tart Raspberry Lemonade Stress X Mag Lemon/Lime

Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms
Muscle Tightness
Mental Disorders (Panic Attacks, Amxidty, Depression)
Muscle Weakness
High BP
Irregular Heart Beat
Fluid Retention
Weakened Immunity

Benefits of Magnesium Supplementation
Regulates Blood Glucose Levels
Relaxes Muscles
Lowers Fear, Irritability & Restlessness
Treats Anxiety
Fights Depressionʼ
Boosts Energy
Decreases Blood Pressure
Promotes Sleep
Enhances Vitamin D Assimilation
Improves Memory
Alkalizes Body
Supports Adrenals
Improves Bladder Function
Decreases Insulin Resistance
Aids in Weight Loss
Enhances Immune Cell Production – T cells, B cells, NK Cells & Cytokines

Clinical Studies on Magnesium and Immunity:

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