The Brilliance of Nature and Antinutrients

The purpose of antinutrients is delightfully explained in this entertaining cartoon which wonderfully explains the brilliance behind nature’s elegant design and why things are the way they are. Does this mean we are not supposed to eat plants? Of course not. But we should only eat them when they are READY to be eaten. Unfortunately much of the produce sold in grocery stores was not picked ripe, because if it was, it would already be going bad by the time you bought it. It is always best to buy and eat fresh RIPE fruits and vegetables- like from a farmers market or a food co-op, or even better- grow your own. If none of those are an option- then head for the frozen food section of your local store because FROZEN food is actually picked ripe much of the time! It often has much more nutritional value than the “fresh” food in the produce section. Freezing does not hurt much of the nutritional value- maybe 10-15 percent, but it’s still a much better option. Enjoy this delightful video and don’t fear eating healthy plant foods!
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