Fasting & Low Testosterone

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Will fasting tank your hormones?

It depends on how long you’re fasting, science suggests.

Today, we’re diving into this old study that fasted men for nine days.

Study: Klibanski, A., Beitins, I. Z., Badger, T., Little, R., & McArthur, J. W. (1981). Reproductive function during fasting in men. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 53(2), 258–263.

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After nine days of fasting, here’s what happened to men’s hormones 1) serum FSH concentrations decrease, 2) the pituitary responsiveness of FSH to LRH is blunted, 3) serum testosterone decreases, and 4) the urinary excretion of both LH and FSH increase.

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