Corona virus and why to keep your immunity up

Some of you have been emailing and asking what I’m doing for my family. So I thought I’d do a quick recap of what we do to boost immunity and why.

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Reminder: While we might not be worried about corona virus itself, which mostly affects those who are elderly, it IS a good time to keep your family’s immune system up so that you don’t need to use conventional medicine. Croup, pneumonia, strep throat, bronchitis, etc, may be more difficulty to find treatment for if our healthcare system is overfilled from corona.

This is what I do during the school year when my kids get more junk food (immunity lowering), and are exposed to more germs. I do notice that when I lax on these precautions is when my kids get back-to-back-to-back stomach bugs, hand foot and mouth disease, or runny noses. I would imagine the same is true for our ability to fight off corona virus. Disclaimer: This is what I do for my family, and is in no way considered medical advice.

In order of importance (what I think is most important is #1)

Everyone gets enough sleep. This is #1 for us, and partially because tired kids don’t eat healthy food, and tired kids require more of my energy and I’m less likely to provide healthy food. To improve sleep we use tart cherry juice, along with good sleep hygiene and also address gut health issues. We have non-negotiable bedtimes. It’s a priority for our family, and when we let our kids stay up a few times a year we pay both in lowered immunity and behavior issues.
Links: Elderberry and tart cherry gummies for sleep and immunity:
Tart cherry juice and sleep study:
Gut health and sleep:
Epsom salt for magnesium and sulfur- detox and sleep:
Butcherbox for grassfed meat (easy and healthy and no stores!)
Collagen and Vitamin D 3:
Water filters:
Salt Lamps:
TRS heavy metal removal:

My kids also seem to need a LOT of sleep. My 6-year-old goes to bed at 6:00 and gets up at 6:30 (usually 2-3 days a week he goes to bed even earlier than that!. My 13-year-old (developmentally about 5) goes to bed from 7 pm-6:30am, and my 11-year-old goes to bed from 8:30 pm-6:30am.
Avoid the sugar, increase the meats and butter. Meat and butter are super easy sources of nutrition. When asked by our pediatrician about how often he consumes meat, my 11-year-old said ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a day when I didn’t eat meat’. No kidding, meat and butter provide so many fat-soluble nutrients needed to build healthy bodies including immune systems. They actually are easy on digestion; they are digested by the stomach, so if leaky gut is an issue, they’re digested before they even get to the gut. Read:

I just ordered another ButcherBox, which makes it so easy to include lots of healthy grassfed meat in our diet. And it’s delivered to our door, so no worry about shortages or dealing with crowds.
Elderberry! Elderberry is known to be preventative against flu, and I believe it overall stimulates the immune system. My kids take elderberry (syrup, or gummies!) every day.

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