Blue Blockers for Your Kids (new science) + New Red Light Device

BluBlox is always pushing the envelop with their sleep enhancing tools. They just launched this new portable red-light therapy device that rocks!

Best Blue Light Glasses for Kids:

New Portable Red Light Therapy Device:

Best Sleep Mask:

Learn how improving your metabolic health can decrease your vulnerability to infectious disease!

Link to research:

————-Sleep & Camera Tools You NEED!———————–

Best Sleep Mask:

Blue Blocking Glasses:

Gravity Blanket (use code HIH10 to save):

A Metabolism Book Should Have:

Best Mouth Tape (Nexcare):

Red Headlamp (wear this at night around your house):

Breath Right Strips:

Best iPhone Stabilizer:

Sony Vlog Cam:

Vlog lens: Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS:

Good Audio Videomic Pro:

IE Brunson Precise
The Iceberg Effect Free Book