Better Tasting Plant Based Protein Formula

After tirelessly working over a year to improve the taste of my three main products, I have now also improved the taste of the Super Plant Protein! (And yes it’s available right now) These are the best most expensive but awesome plant protein ingredients making this the zenith of all vegan protein powders. Watch the video and read the website page on how fabulous these ingredients are. Remember- it’s NOT about how many grams of protein something has in a serving- it’s how much is absorbed by the body. Most commercial protein powders brag about how many grams protein they have, but what they don’t tell you is it’s cheap isolates that turn into cement in the intestines constipating you and not even being used by the body. A typical protein powder also has over one third sweetener in it, and cheap fillers and isolates like whey (an inflammatory dairy product).Too much of that other highly refined protein is really hard on the kidneys, colon and blood sugar levels. My plant protein is just dried plants and has 10.6 grams per 4TB serving but is 100% absorbable because it is a FOOD! It is whole dried plants, so this is not just isolated protein, this is full of all kinds of nutrition, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and since it’s food, you can take as much as you want. Yes it’s ok for nursing mothers, kids, grandma- everyone!
Now all three taste great- the green formula, the herbal vitamin C and NOW the plant-based Protein formula! Get some at or

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