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Inspirational personal transformations and testimonials to help inspire you to a healthier lifestyle. Here are some amazing personal transformations. Yes raw vegan works, especially when combined with a change in attitude and mood. You MUST lose the stress- emotional, physical and mental in order to heal and have the life you deserve. Its not just a matter of what to eat, but how you think. Relationships are just as important as diet. The way you look at life changes everything, including the people around you. Let these people help motivate and inspire! Share this video with everyone you can.
Congratulations Tim Wolfgang, Dean Landau, Muamer Dajdic, Joseph Hill, Vera Vanguard, Rick Redstrom, Chris and Barbara Elvig
Joseph Hill interview https://youtu.be/88OzFGwAjbM
Muamer Dijdec video https://youtu.be/tEIvO5n6z6Q
Chris and Barbara Elvig video https://youtu.be/AdMeSR0RiHc
Dean Landau video https://youtu.be/VQc-m2IO9ec
Vera Vanguard video https://youtu.be/5HQHlDwzaWQ
Rick Redstrom video https://youtu.be/rJAai6tNFeE

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