Latest of Hair Restoration Technology: The Neografting Hair Transplant

Neograft Hair Transplant may sound like a new hair restoration technique but this is in fact a machine that improves the efficiency of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). But despite its list of benefits, there are a number of concerns and issues surrounding this technology.

FUE is a kind of approach in hair transplant which uses a special instrument that can remove individual hair follicles by making a circular incision around each of them. The reason why this type of procedure was developed was to answer to the aesthetic problems associated with the traditional FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

Since FUT requires an incision that would usually run a full length across the back of the head to remove a strip of the scalp containing hair graft donors, scarring will always become a problem. Because men are more into wearing short hairstyles, this pushes most to opt for a more time-consuming and costly FUE method.

So enter the Neograft Hair Transplant technology, it makes the FUE become a more efficient process. What the machine does is that it creates a punch around the hair follicle with a rotated motion of the instrument, and then forms a circular cut. And with a gentle suction, which is called a pneumatic pressure, the follicle is carefully extracted. The grafts are then stored first in a container with a sterile saline solution to keep them moist, healthy and ready for implantation. After extraction takes place, the hair follicles are then implanted individually using the same instrument which also has the ability to measure a specific and uniformed depth. Overall this creates an even result with bigger coverage and density.

There is already no need to go back for multiple sessions anymore because of the machine’s efficient and fast paced techniques. The entire procedure can be done even with or without the expertise of a certified surgeon. That’s right; there is no need for any licensed practitioner to operate this machine.

But that is where the concerns come in. The manufacturers use an aggressive marketing technique by selling the machine to doctors nationwide who are not particularly trained on the delicate practice of hair restoration. This stems from their claim that there is no need for any expertise to operate the machine successfully. In fact he can even perform multiple sessions in one day, which can be unheard of in the traditional manual FUE procedure.

This makes most practitioners and patients alike to become apprehensive because of the fact that there are some physicians out there offering this kind of service, and yet are not really well-versed on hair transplantation. Although Neograft Hair Transplant provides the best technology to make FUE easy, they argue that a good clinical eye and sound knowledge is still important to ensure safety and excellent aesthetic outcome. More importantly so is the fact that every patient brings a unique set of problems to the table which an experienced hair transplants surgeon would be able to address more effectively.

With the advertising strategy set aside, Neograft Hair Transplant does give better outcome such as the reduced risk for bleeding, nerve damage and hair transplant scars formation.

But we should also be very careful when choosing who provides these services. Don’t simply rely on the fact that technology offers excellent performance. You should also ensure that as you go through this very delicate procedure, you are also under the constant assessment of an experienced hair surgeon.

Latest of Hair Restoration Technology: The Neografting Hair Transplant by Dr. Andrew Kim

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