3 Essential Steps to Choosing the Right Hair Loss Clinic

Millions of people around the world experience hair thinning or loss. While there are several causes of hair loss including genetics, deficiencies in the body’s auto-immune system, ill-health and medical treatment, it’s worth being aware that certain types of loss are irreversible. The problem can strike any one at any age, regardless of lifestyle factors. Many people with hair loss are unconcerned about the issue – for instance, in men, male pattern baldness is commonplace and socially acceptable. However, some individuals prefer their natural appearance with a full head of hair. As a result, they may seek a way to restore their hair and natural appearance via some form of treatment. If you’re happier with a fuller head of hair, and you’d like to begin a treatment programme, it is always recommended that you speak to your GP in the first instance. Thereafter, you should visit a reputable hair clinic.

1. Look for breadth of experience

Some clinics may offer one miracle topical treatment by a single variety or brand. However, no hair problem is the same. So while this treatment is suitable for Client A, it unfortunately might not work for Client B. In other words, ‘one size does not fit all’. In order to really understand and appreciate your problem, a good hair loss clinic will offer a breadth of services which then enables the hair consultant to ascertain which solution is best for you. An outstanding clinic should offer hair replacement services for men, custom-made hair systems for men and women, treatments for women and young people. Working with a wider client base suggests that the hair loss team is experienced and knowledgeable and has acquired a variety of hair replacement skills.

2. Assess accreditations of the registered company

A reputable hair clinic will have external links or accreditations with industry-related regulators or health related organisations. For instance, British companies that have links to the UK’s NHS (National Health Service) will have undergone rigorous quality control/standard checks. Their skills will have been assessed and approved by Government regulators. Look for those companies who also work with external hair loss experts – e.g. hair transplant surgeons who are fully and properly qualified and members of surgeons’ associations. It’s a case of ‘like attracts like’ – so a hair clinic with links to organisations with impeccable standards should also have exceptionally high standards.

3. Explore testimonials and customer feedback

A hair clinic’s customer feedback and testimonials – plus external related-forums – are worth exploring. There you should find honest appraisals and independent opinions and experiences of the customer base. A good clinic should also provide pictorial evidence of its own hair loss treatment programmes – they might even watermark their ‘Before & After’ pictures to ensure their retain ownership of their skills and expertise.

3 Essential Steps to Choosing the Right Hair Loss Clinic by Steven McCracken

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