PRP or Minoxidil Cannot Stop Hair Loss After a Hair Transplant, but Another Treatment Can

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A 26-year-old man experienced hair loss in the last four years which compelled him to undergo a hair transplant. Now he is receiving contradictory recommendations from two different dermatologists with regard to the prevention of further hair loss. One doctor states for him to take minoxidil, while the other doctor states that he should undergo platelet-rich plasma treatment instead.
New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, M.D. discusses his concerns in this video, and talks about the limitations of hair loss medications and platelet-rich plasma alone as a treatment for pattern hair loss. He also introduces a treatment called Hair Regeneration which also makes use of platelet-rich plasma in combination with other materials that does not require monthly injections like PRP, daily application like minoxidil, or a daily drug like finasteride:
0:46 – Dr. Prasad details his background training and discusses his experience as a hair specialist. He also briefly discusses an alternative non-surgical treatment for hair loss called Hair Regeneration
2:10 – Dr. Prasad discusses the limitations of minoxidil and finasteride
3:41 – Dr. Prasad discusses the benefits of platelet-rich plasma, as well as its limitations as a standalone treatment for hair loss
4:22 – Dr. Prasad details the success of Hair Regeneration treatment
5:26 – How Hair Regeneration does not require supplementation from other hair loss medications
6:25 – Why it is important for a patient who already underwent a hair transplant at a young age to hold on to as much of their existing hair as possible

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Source: PRP or Minoxidil Cannot Stop Hair Loss After a Hair Transplant, but Another Treatment Can

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