NATURE’S DARLING Sea Kelp Natural Herbal Soap

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This hard bar of soap is made with the cold-processed method. Ingredients: saponified emollient oils such as extra virgin olive, coconut, palm, jojoba, shea butter, sunflower seed, castor, essential oils, ground sea kelp & vitamin E. Each bar weighs 4.75 -5 ozs – that’s a big bar of high-quality soap. Natural soap is a wise choice for the entire family.The ground sea kelp in our Sea Kelp Natural Herbal Soap is nutrient-packed for detoxing skin.
Sea kelp’s anti-inflammatory property can have a positive effect on acne-prone skin.
Seaweed, when applied to the body, draws excess fluid and waste products from the skin.
Fragrance: a blend of lemongrass, lime, sweet orange and verbena essential oils
These soaps are free of harsh artificial foaming agents (detergent), parabens, alcohol, petroleum, animal fat and artificial preservatives that are found in a lot of commercial bath products.

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Source: NATURE’S DARLING Sea Kelp Natural Herbal Soap

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