Prevent Hair Loss – 5 Simple Precautions

Some individuals may not be able to prevent hair loss if there are genetic factors involved or an immune system disorder.

In many cases however, being aware of factors that can unnecessarily damage the hair can help prevent hair loss or at least minimize the danger. Look over the 5 precautions below and see if any apply to your lifestyle:

# 1 Prevent Hair Loss By Choosing The Right Shampoo

Alkaline based hair shampoos can damage hair and even kill it. If you purchase shampoos designed to give your hair more volume and bounce, it is especially careful. Check the information on the packaging and use only shampoos with a pH factor in the 4.5 to 7 range to be safe.

# 2 Prevent Hair Loss By Treating Your Hair With Respect

Hair is particularly fragile when wet. So do not use a brush which causes too much tension on the hair causing it to break. Rather, use a wide-tooth comb and lightly comb the hair carefully.

For the same reason never rub the hair vigorously with a towel after a bath or shower. Instead, dab and pat the hair to remove excess moisture.

Do not use hair dryers on high heat settings to avoid heat damage and keep either your head or the hair dryer moving so the jet of hot air is not concentrated on one area for too long.

# 3 Prevent Hair Loss By Not Smoking

Smoking has a major negative impact on the body's circulatory system. Hair follicles thrive on a constant supply of oxygenated blood. Smoking adversely affects the blood's ability to do its job.

Additionally, the nicotine smoker's crave causes the body to produce more adrenalin, a stress hormone. Stress can be a major contributing factor in hair loss.

So if you want to prevent hair loss and save a substantial amount of money at the same time, invest in a program to quit smoking.

# 4 Prevent Hair Loss Through Proper Diet And Exercise

Many people can greatly improve their diet by simply cutting out sugar overloads from candies, cakes, soft drinks, etc. A balanced diet with correct proportions of fruit, vegetables, Cereals, dairy products and protein can have an amazing effect on the health of the scalp and hair production.

Regular exercise, something as simple as a 30 minute brisk walk a few times a week, can do much to keep the circulatory system in good working order and deliver oxygenated blood to the scalp and hair follicles.

# 5 Prevent Hair Loss With The Daily Scalp Massage

The purpose of scalp massage is to increase blood circulation. An ideal time for many is to do it in the morning while in the shower, even in conjunction with using hair shampoo.

Just use the balls of the fingers to apply light pressure to the scalp in a circular movement, one area at a time. Move from the forehead to the back until the whole head, front, temples, crown, back of the head, have received this massaging motion.

It will take a discipline to make this procedure a daily habit. However, spending just a few minutes a day while showering in massaging the scalp can contribute to good blood flow in the essential areas that control hair growth.

None of the suggestions above are particularly revolutionary or astounding. Most are just common sense. The challenge however is in doing them. If you have the motivation and self-discipline to employ the 5 strategies above, you may well prevent hair loss from causing you unnecessary anxiety.

Prevent Hair Loss – 5 Simple Precautions by Mike Jones

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