Get Faster Growing, Stronger Hair with Hair Nutrition Vitamins
Hair Nutrition® Vitamins provides hair with much needed structural nutrition & proteins to make hair stronger, longer, & healthier and with less breakage. Today’s diet lacks nutrition needed for healthy hair. Hair Nutrition® Vitamins are excellent for faster growing hair and for addressing hair loss and thinning. You will see the results for faster hair growth, healthier hair! All you need for faster growing, healthier, longer, less brittle is in this one supplement. Easy to swallow and all natural!

Hair Nutrition® Vitamins is one of the strongest dietary supplements available for addressing extremely fast hair growth, helping, and for overall follicle health — improved thickness, increased shine and luster, reduced breakage and split ends, decreased frizz, and added smoothness and control

• Complete vitamin, mineral & protein complex for healthy hair!
• Helps hair grow stronger, longer, thicker + more shine
• Reduces breaking, hair loss, thinning and slow growth
• Easy to swallow
• No side effects
• Excellent for graying hair too!

Hair vitamins formulated specifically for the needs of follicle pores, the shaft and cuticle — provide the daily recommended dosages of key amino acids, minerals, and nutrients required for healthy growth and improvement of overall scalp and scalp tissue health.

Rich in amino acids and B-Complex vitamins, these hair vitamins provide targeted nutritional needs and supplements that have been shown and clinically proven to reduce breaking and split ends while increasing shine and smoothness — lead by a formulated complex of amino acids and B-complex with Folic acid, pantothenic acid, Manganese, Iodine and Zinc.

A broad spectrum of amino acids is important. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and hair is made of protein. L-Cystine provides and amino acid peptide bond constructing up to 18% of the follicle that provides strength, shine and strengthened structure. L-Cysteine increase hair shaft diameter and hair growth density. Chlorophyll is remarkably similar to hemoglobin, the compound that carries oxygen in the blood. B-group vitamins — hair loss can occur when the diet is deficient of B vitamins — especially B6, Biotin, Folic acid and the minerals Magnesium and Zinc. The B vitamins, especially B5 (pantothenic acid) and B3 (Niacin) are especially important for hair growth.

Broad-spectrum nutrition, vitamins and amino acids

Hair Nutrition® Vitamins are our leading vitamins for healthy hair. A complete compliment of nutrients including Cystine, Biotin and a broad-spectrum amino acid complex necessary for healthy hair growth.

Hair Nutrition® Vitamins for the scalp focuses on nutrition found critical to the development of the follicle root and bulb. Lack of nutrition and capillary development to the follicles is a leading cause of breaking, split ends and slow growth. Hair Nutrition® Vitamins provides an amino acid complex that helps strengthen protein bonds that for the follicle shaft and root. Vitamins for the hair and scalp will help get your hair back healthy again.

The best vitamins for healthy hair should ideally be a combination of Chlorophyll — 30 mg, Niacin — 40 mg, Cystine — 40 mg, Vitamin B12 -6 mg, Folic Acid — 400 mcg, PABA — 30 mg, Zinc Oxide — 20 mg, Panthonenic Acid — 92 mg, Biotin — 600 mcg, Iodine – 100 mcg, Manganese Gluconate — 10 mg.

Likewise, amino acids that build proteins bonds are critically important to improved healthiness. L-Histidine — 4 mg, L-Isoleucine — 4 mg, L-Arginine — 4 mg, L-Leucine — 4 mg, L-Methionine — 4 mg, L-Lysine — 4 mg, L-Phenylalanine — 4 mg, L-Threonine — 4 mg, L-Valine — 4 mg, L-Tryptophan — 4 mg, L-Aspartic Acid — 4 mg, L-Serine — 4 mg, L_Glutamic Acid — 4 mg, L-Glycin — 4 mg, L-Proline — 4 mg, L-Tyrosine — 4 mg and L-Alanine — 4 mg are among the most effective for follicle root and cuticle development.

The vitamin complex found in Hair Nutrition Vitamins® has been specifically formulated to provide the fundamental nutrients needed for improving follicle health, strength and growth. In addition, many specific ingredients are required to avoid deficiencies; for instance, Niacin, in addition to helping build protein bonds and the development of keratin, helps provide a defense against scalp dermatitis; copper deficiency can lead to baldness; insufficient levels of Zinc can contribute to hair loss; low levels of Biotin may result in slow hair growth and weakened amino acid and protein bonds.

While it is important to consider the benefits of vitamins for hair growth and health, it’s equally important to consider what deficiencies can deliver, such as dry hair, brittleness, thinning, thinness, and some scalp conditions such as scalp dermatitis, psoriasis, excessive oily scalp or frizz.

Typical results are seen in 30-60 days.

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Source: Get Faster Growing, Stronger Hair with Hair Nutrition Vitamins

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