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In today’s video, I give my honest review and opinion on a product I received from the company: EMU+ and it is EMU OIL. It has many benefits and may great testimonials which I am hoping to experience for myself.

I hope you enjoy this video.


I recently straightened my hair at a Dominican Hair Salon and lost a lot of length and volume. I am therefore on a journey to grow my hair back out.

IT has many benefits and may great testimonials which I am hoping to experience for myself.

I hope you enjoy this video.
I have lots of videos concerning my hair lined up so if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section and i’ll get back to you; probably even make a video about it.

I had healthy relaxed hair.
At the peak of my hair, my relaxed hair was between Armpit Length (APL) and Bra Strap Length (BSL).
It broke of to somewhere between Chin length and neck length but I had managed to grow it back to shoulder length (SL) by the time of my last relaxer.

Even though I had lost a lot of length at the time I started transitioning to natural hair, I still had healthy beautiful thick relaxed hair.
I didn’t stop getting relaxers because I am against relaxers or anything like that.
I have nothing against relaxers. Infact, I am the only natural in my family and we all get along just fine.
I stopped getting relaxers because I didn’t like it, and I didn’t see the point.
Also I liked wearing my hair big and curly even when I was relaxed.
I rarely ever wore it straight, so I decided why not keep it natural.

I must be honest, I had no idea about being natural.
I accidentally discovered the YouTube natural hair community and it helped me tremendously.

A few of the ladies I began watching who were of great help and inspiration to me were Naptural85, nikkimae2003, kimmaytube, reniecehairtv, mahoganycurls, HairCrush, etc.

I do not have the hair texture or curl pattern of any of these ladies.
Infact, I do not have a curl pattern.
I have very kinky, frizzy and dry natural hair.
I do not really go by the hair typing system or chart because honestly, I do not see my hair type on there.
I have what may be described as 4C natural hair (only kinkier and frizzier)
But I do not mind at all 🙂

I have learned a lot on my natural hair journey and also made a lot of mistakes.
I experienced heat-damage from my latest blow-out due not not using heat protectants.
I have experienced breakage, shedding, dryness, etc.
But I am learning and that’s what’s important.
I have used a lot of products that have not worked on my hair and I have quickly become a “reasonable” product junkie. (I do not go overboard)
But I do love to try new products.
I have discovered the benefits of using sulfate-free shampoos and silicone-free conditioners.
I have also discovered the benefits of low-manipulation and protective styling such as two strand twists.

I started out not caring and honestly just using the cheapest product I could find on my hair.
This is not to say cheap products are bad but a few did not work for me.
I still use really inexpensive products and the most expensive product line I use is the Shea moisture line.

Like I said, I like to try new products. A few of the products and product lines I’ve tried are:
1. Aussie, Aussie Moist, Aussie Hair Insurance, Aussie Confidently Clean
2. Shea Moisture Line
3. Beautiful Textures Line
4. Trader Joe’s Line
5. Tressemme Naturals
6. Suave Naturals
7. Herbal Essence ( Hello Hydration, Totally Twisted, Honey I’m Strong, etc)
8. VO5
9. Yes To Carrots
10. Creme of Nature
11. Cantu Shea Butter
12. Organix
13. Giovanni line (Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Giovanni Shampoo, Giovanni Conditioner)

My hair has began to flourish using relatively inexpensive products.
I am yet to try the more expensive products such as Carol’s Daughter, Entwine Couture, Oyin Handmade, etc

I am not perfect and still have a lot to learn on my natural hair journey but I have made great progress.
Join me everyone, on this journey 🙂

This product was sent to me for review.
All opinions are honest!

emu oil for hair growth

Source: Update: Emu Oil for Healthy Hair and Skin

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