Minoxidil/Rogaine can be Stopped if Scalp Health is Affected, and an Alternative to Stop Hair Loss

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A man started using minoxidil foam (Rogaine) 20 days prior to help treat his hair thinning at the hairline and crown. However, the side effect of hair shedding was worse than he expected, as well as other unspecified side effects from the treatment. He doesn’t want this to be a long-term problem, so he asks if he can discontinue minoxidil use safely. He also says that he a dependency on minoxidil can develop, so he wants to discontinue using it before he hits that point.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews his concerns in this video, where he suggests discontinuing Rogaine due to its side effects on him, and suggests an alternative treatment that does not use drugs, but has better long-term effectiveness:

1:19 – Dr. Prasad’s background training, and experience with surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatment, including his founding of TrichoStem Hair Regeneration Centers that offers a non-surgical hair loss treatment that requires no medications
1:52 – How the hair loss oral drug finasteride works by blocking an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which blocks the conversion of the hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone that causes male pattern hair loss
2:19 – How finasteride is taken daily, and can help about 60% of men suffering from pattern hair loss, but does some men don’t respond, and may others refuse to take it due links to long-term sexual side effects
2:43 – How Rogaine (minoxidil) has been around since the 80s, and was developed first as a hypertension drug, with side effects that could help people with hair loss
2:57 – How the symptoms of shedding and irritation from minoxidil use are documented side effects of minoxidil, so use should be discontinued if these occur
3:16 – How Dr. Prasad suggests his Hair Regeneration treatment as an alternative drug therapy, which involves a single treatment where the scalp is injected with a formulation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Acellular matrix
3:42 – How PRP is a concentration of wound healing and growth factors found in your own blood, and Acellular matrix is a wound healing material first developed for surgical wound healing
3:58 – How Dr. Prasad first used Acellular matrix to improve hair graft survival and heal the hair donor area at the back of the head, but the fortunate side effect was thinning hair becoming thicker
4:18 – How Dr. Prasad took time to develop the Hair Regeneration process so it can be applied consistently to men and women of all ages suffering from hair loss, and with different variations of hair loss patterns
4:34 – How TrichoStem Hair Regeneration Centers started to bring this treatment closer to people who need it
4:47 – How Dr. Prasad has patients coming in from all over the world for the Hair Regeneration treatment to be done in New York City
4:56 – How Dr. Prasad thinks that this person has limited options to treat hair loss, with hair transplant being an option, but it is limited with the amount of hair that can be transplanted, and he may be losing hair faster than it can be transplanted
5:24 – How Hair Regeneration can stop hair loss by stopping hair thinning, reactivates hair that hasn’t been growing, and makes thinning hair grow back thicker,
5:46 – How Hair Regeneration is a single treatment session, and occasionally a second treatment 12 to 18 months after the first to build on results of the first treatment for people with advanced hair loss
5:52 – How Hair Regeneration is an unparalleled treatment, and is part of new kind of medical care that uses the body’s own adult stem cells to help correct a genetic hair loss pattern, which has been proven with over 5 years of patients and their data
6:28 – How Dr. Prasad recommends learning more about Hair Regeneration, seeing doctors about his options, and he should discontinue minoxidil treatment as it may not be good for his scalp

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Source: Minoxidil/Rogaine can be Stopped if Scalp Health is Affected, and an Alternative to Stop Hair Loss

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