Mixing Castor Oil for FASTER Growing Hair!

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Nourish Follicle Stimulator Hair Accelerator
(Proven Herbal Extract Awaken Hair Follicles to Jump Start Hair)
This follicle stimulator delivers essential nutrients for optimal hair as well as returns hair to a normal stage of being healthy and vibrant. It feeds the follicles and also helps remove obstacles that impede hair from being healthy and growing.

Castor Oil — Cold Pressed and Cold Processed
Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil — Natural conditioner and treatment for the hair and scalp

Emu Oil — 100% Emu Oil & vitamin E. This emu is good for people with dry hair and people suffering with dry, flaky and itchy scalps.

Emu Oil is also known for awakening hair follicles which in return promotes faster growing hair.
Pure Amla Oil for hair growth, shine, and nourishment.

Makeup I used for this video — Naked Urban Decay Eye shadow palette
Urban Decay Potion primer.
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Source: Mixing Castor Oil for FASTER Growing Hair!

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