Alopecia Hair Update + Emu Oil Hair Challenge

Hey guys! Sorry I have been away for a little but in this video I am FINALLY touching on the topic of my long-lived traction alopecia problem a.k.a. thin and bald edges!!! Some of us are far too familiar with this issue and I am one of them.

I have been to the dermatologist, did tried medication, as well as other remedies but I was never stayed committed or felt they really worked for me but I am pleased to announce that I will be on my Emu Oil Regrow Edges Hair Challenge for the next 12 weeks (3 months) If I see some progress then I will continue to use it. I’ll be using Longview Farms Pure Refined Emu Oil (4 oz) and massaging it on my bald spot, about a dime size, once a night before bed. I will massage it in for 2-5 minutes, also to document and help keep me committed to this challenge, I will post a close up of my bald spots on my Instagram, @Rorocu8521, every Friday. Come join me or share your story of dealing with this ANNOYING and DEPRESSING condition in the comment box below and let us get through this together! 😀

Check out the videos and articles that helped inspire me to try out Emu Oil:

Regrowing Thin Edges And Bald Spots Caused By Alopecia With Essential Oils

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Source: Alopecia Hair Update + Emu Oil Hair Challenge

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