10 Foods That Help You Give Up Smoking

Cigarette smoking is one of the worst habits that people can get addicted to. Although some people light a stick every now and then to feel that temporary calmness, most people fail to control themselves and consume boxes and boxes of cigarette every day. Once a person gets too addicted with smoking, it will be a very tough challenge for him to quit smoking. Nevertheless, even the worst cases of cigarette addiction can be saved by proper treatments and promotion of a healthier lifestyle.

Aside from external assistance and treatments, did you know that some foods can actually help stop smoking addiction? If you are one of those who constantly promise to quit smoking but could not, you can try eating these 10 foods that help you give up smoking.

Dairy food products

When you smoke habitually, your lips will lose its suppleness and will become darker in color. Some people say that drinking a glass of milk will help in reviving those luscious lips of yours. If you have tried drinking a glass of milk or eating a similar dairy product before smoking before, then you probably know what a bad combination they are. The taste of dairy has the power to make cigarette taste bitter. So when you start to have cigarette craving, drink a glass of milk to counter it.

Celery, carrots, cucumber sticks

Aside from the nutrients that you can get from these vegetables, they are also known to make a smoker less dependent to nicotine. The crunchy texture of these vegetables also helps in reducing the urge to smoke. In addition to that, they make cigarette taste unpleasant, hence, the decrease in cravings.

Broccoli and cauliflower

Broccoli and cauliflower are another two extra beneficial vegetable choices for smokers and non-smokers. These kinds of vegetables contain sulforaphane that is responsible for producing chemicals which protect lungs from toxins. However, some experts say that too much nicotine in the body will overpower sulforaphane so the therapeutic properties of broccoli and cauliflower might not be too effective with heavy smokers.

Citric fruits

Consuming nicotine regularly will deplete the level of Vitamin C in your body. This is because nicotine absorbs the ascorbic acid in exchange of unhealthy elements from nicotine. In order to lessen nicotine dependence, you must increase the consumption of citric fruits rich in Vitamin C such as orange and lemons.


Cigarette smoking gives your body a lot of blood toxins that cause various diseases. Eating apples everyday can combat these unnatural elements. Apples contain a lot of water and pectin which help flush out body toxins. The crunchy texture of apple can also appeal to a smoker's mouth.

Ginger, garlic and onions

These three spices that make meals delicious are also helpful in fighting cigarette smoking. Their hot, tangy flavor will help you release those toxins you get from cigarettes. They can also aid in keeping your blood flow and pressure balanced when you withdraw from your smoking habit.


Those flavorful herbs like oregano, rosemary and parsley can reduce your cravings and irritation caused by cigarette smoking. Since it will be a pain to eat them as is, you can try to incorporate these herbs in various dishes or make them into teas.


Consuming a lot of table sugar and other unnatural sweeteners can give you a sugar rush which can urge cigarette cravings. So instead of using processed sweeteners, you can opt to use honey instead. Honey is an all-natural sweetener and it does not make you buzz and crash because honey gradually releases glucose to your bloodstream, keeping everything in moderation. Plus, honey has anti-oxidants that will help in removing body toxins.


Cinnamon is like a healthy counterpart of cigarette. Inhaling its scent can pass up as drag flavor. Also, consuming cinnamon will calm your nerves and energize your brain – similar to the temporary effects of smoking a cigarette.

Salty foods

They say that eating salty foods can extinguish cigarette cravings. So when the habit kicks in, try eating a little serving of salty food or tasting a tiny pinch of salt.

These foods and many more will definitely help you in your battle against cigarette smoking addiction. But take note that these foods can only aid in suppressing your cravings for cigarette. If you really want to kick the habit, drive yourself out of it.

10 Foods That Help You Give Up Smoking by Danny Mitchell Ashton

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