Raising the Bar 4: Chapters 2 & 3 – Bodybuilding documentary with Kai Greene and Hayley McNeff

RTB 4 is a bodybuilding documentary featuring Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Dave Pulcinella and Hayley McNeff.

Chapter 2 Synopsis:

As filmmaker Mike Pulcinella delves further into the art of documentary, he discovers the power the camera holds as an instrument of defense.

He must juggle the responsibilities of filming for a major fitness supplement company while confronting the looming threats being made against his girlfriend’s life by a new neighborhood bully—a Santeria Priest.

This unexpected event is the catalyst that forces Mike into the center of a story that explores cultural diversity, confrontation, violence, and camera’s power to prevent it.

Meanwhile, Mike begins to film what will become “Kai Greene: Overkill”, but the project is not as simple as it seems.

A reluctant and monk-like Kai is camera shy, and the last thing he wants during a difficult prep for the 2009 Olympia is to be filmed.

Mike has mere days to get the footage he needs and must navigate Kai’s insecurities about being filmed in order to achieve his goal in capturing something intimate and unique.

Highlights include:

• Kai Greene and his trainer/mentor Oscar Ardon open up in never-before-seen interviews about their perspectives on the making of Kai Greene: Overkill

• Narration by Dave Pulcinella about his filmmaker brother’s past and his somewhat unorthodox and invasive method of filming.

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