Plan to Lose 10 Pound in 10 Days|10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Prep|l Krys the Maximizer

Hey Maximizers,
I am doing the 10 day smoothie cleanse and was asked to share my journey. This video is part 3 where I share how I prepare my fruits, veggies, and snacks for the cleanse.
My starting weight is 153.8 pounds and my goal is to lose 10 pounds min to be around 142 pounds or less

Be sure to check out part 1 to understand how and why I am doing the cleanse. Check out day 2 to see how I prepare my fruits, veggies, and snacks.

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I plan to start the cleanse on Jan 20 and ending on Jan 30th. I will be vlogging all 10 days.
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