Push Ups To Gain Muscle – Building Muscle Simplified

Is it possible to do push ups to gain muscle? Definitely. Push ups are one of the simplest and most common exercises around. Taught in school gym class and used by fitness models alike, push ups are among the most versatile of all exercises. They are both useful to lose fat and gain muscle. There are variations of the push ups to gain muscle that focus on shoulders, some on triceps, and many on the chest.

This said, push ups are a full body work out that affects multiple muscle groups. This is evident from the delayed soreness felt in several different muscle groups after performing this exercise. They are also a great work out because they do not require any gym equipment or anything more fancy than a bit of floor space. This article discusses the possibility, method, and use of push ups to gain muscle

Can you use push ups to gain muscle? Like any exercise when done with sufficient intensity muscle fiber tears result and repairing of this muscle fiber is what helps increase muscle mass. Additionally, since the several different muscle groups involved in the exercise are all damaged and then repaired additional muscle is built, not just in the chest region, unlike most people would believe.

How to do push ups to gain muscle routine: This routine takes you from a beginner level to the point where you will notice significant differences in strength and muscle mass. Initially you must begin with a few reps a day. Maybe just 50 reps divided between several sets; 5 sets of 10 reps. When you notice muscle soreness take a couple of days break. Once your muscles heal completely and you feel no more pain, you can begin doing the same amount of repetitions on a more regular basis. Maybe ever other day. Once you get into the comfort zone with this number of repetitions, you can gradually increase the rep and set number, pushing yourself further. The next modification is to perform all these repetitions within a certain time frame. By the time you've reached 500 or so a day you would probably already have noticed some significant positive changes in your body.

Ways to do push ups to gain muscle. Performed in many different ways it is possible to utilize push ups to gain muscle in certain areas more than in others. For instance with the hands closer to the body, the triceps and inner chest are stimulated more, while a wider grip can target the outer portions of the chest as well. The variations are endless just by changing the angles and positions of your hands and legs.

Doing calisthenics, at such a high intensity can result in an improved appetite that would result in a higher caloric consumption, which is absolutely necessary for muscle growth. Make sure that your diet contains plenty of water, vitamins, good carbohydrates and protein as these are essential building blocks for building muscle. Push ups to gain muscle are among the most effective way to gain mass at home without lifting lots of weight.

Though it is definitely possible to do push ups to gain muscle, this exercise alone can only take you so far and pack on so much muscle. Additional exercises with a great meal plan and plenty of rest are the other essentials to build greater amounts of muscle.

Push Ups To Gain Muscle – Building Muscle Simplified by Daniel Ferdinands

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