1 MR – What’s In It And How Does It Compare To The Market Leading Preworkout?

BPI Sports 1 MR is becoming a pretty popular sports supplement these days, but how do the ingredients compare to other sports supplements on the market. 1 MR claims to have three times the dose of other preworkout supplements like Jack3d, but does this really add up?

Is this supplement more of the same or something to be excited about?

1 MR contains a laundry list of ingredients that are packed into a 5.5g scoop. This makes it suspect that any one ingredient can have the desired potency. Additionally, there are only 28 scoops per bottle, making it much less of a value to other supplements like Jack3d and Anadraulic State GT. In fact, Anadraulic State GT has almost three times the active ingredients per scoop, which makes it a much better value.

1 MR contains L-Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate as its first ingredient, making it a NO based pump type product. This really doesn’t make it an effective creatine preworkout product, since you need 3-6g of creatine minimum to have a positive effect. Arginine AKG does have value as a NO potentiator, but NO products have been shown to not add to muscle mass or muscle size. Only higher doses of creatine can do that, NO products are really meant to help you look good after you do the basics.

If you are trying to gain size and mass, you need more creatine than 1MR provides per scoop. Even USP Jack3d has 1.5g per scoop and Anadraulic State GT has over 3g per scoop. Based on the ingredient order which is based on ingredient amount, 1 MR is estimated to only contain 500mg of creatine, meaning you would need 6 scoops to get the full serving of 3g per day. Jack3d contains an estimated 1.5g of creatine, meaning you would need only 2 scoops to reach the active dose I recommend while Anadraulic State GT contains 3g of creatine per scoop, meaning you get the full dose of creatine in 1 scoop.

All three formula’s contain Beta Alanine, which is a key ingredient for buffering lactic acid. As for stimulants, both Jack3d and 1 MR contain caffeine and 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, while Anadraulic State GT contains Synephrine and caffeine.

What’s missing from 1MR is simple carbohydrates, which are necessary for weight gain. Additionally, the formula doesn’t have any anabolic amino acids like Leucine or Hydrolyzed Amino Acids. These are used to build mass and strength. Leucine is the most anabolic amino acid out of them all and causes muscle growth and strength. Hydrolyzed amino acids are simply partially digested proteins that get almost immediately into the blood stream giving you an immediate pool of amino acids to build muscle.

1 MR does contain 300mg per serving of caffeine, making it nearly impossible in our opinion for anyone to take more than one scoop. Sure, caffeine will make you amped in the gym, but caffeine isn’t good for real muscle building and you wouldn’t want to take the more than one scoop. If you divided the 15 ingredients in 1 MR by a 5.5g scoop you get less than 400mg of any active ingredient. I am sure there are ingredients that are much higher than that, but the point is that you need more than 5.5g to build muscle.

You also need more than just stimulation in a preworkout to build muscle and 7 out of the 15 ingredients are used for stimulants in 1 MR, not for building size and gaining weight!

To build mass, you need both stimulation AND nutrients to get the most out of your pre-workout. 1 MR is light, in our estimation, on the nutrients and heavy on the stimulants. So, if all you want is to get wired, then it is great.

1 MR is a decent formula, but it doesn’t contain some key elements for muscle growth like enough creatine, anabolic amino acids and simple carbohydrates. As a NO product, it doesn’t have an arginase inhibitor, which make NO products active.

Preworkout formulas like Anadraulic State GT contain Leucine, a large dose of creatine and hydrolyzed amino acids, making it a better value for the money. I am sure that you probably get a huge stimulant effect from 1MR though, so if you value stimulation in the gym vs building mass then 1MR is for you. If you are more concerned with building mass then products like Anadraulic State GT or Jack3d are more your style.

So, it simply comes down to personal preference. If you want to get shaky and jittery in the gym and feel the highest stimulant possible, then 1 MR is for you. If you want to build more mass and gain more strength, then look to Anadraulic State GT. The choice is yours!

1 MR – What’s In It And How Does It Compare To The Market Leading Preworkout? by Erin Raad

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